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Self Service is an easy and affordable way of keeping your babies clean and healthy. In between grooming, our customers take the opportunity of enjoying a fun and playful day with their best friend as they give their lovable pets a wash.

Rubber Doggies does provide grooming services, however, giving your dog a wash your self makes keeping them in the house more affordable.

Self-Service pricing is based on the size of your dog and nothing else. With a Self-Service our customers have the use of aprons; endless shampoo; scrubbing brush; hair brush; a towel and a dog shammy; ear cleaning supplies, professional dryer, nail clippers; and to finish off an all natural Spritz / Skin and coat conditioner. All of this for a low and affordable price with no time limit.

Tiny Size      (  0 -   9 lb)      $10.00
Baby Size    (10 - 30 lb)     $14.00
Teddy Size   (31 - 60 lb)    $16.00
Bingo Size    (61 - +  lb)     $18.00

up to 28% Saving

Baby Size    Buy 5 get   6        $70.00
Baby Size    Buy 10 get 14     $140.00

Teddy Size   Buy 5 get   6        $80.00
Teddy Size   Buy 10 get 14    $160.00

Bingo Size    Buy 5 get   6        $90.00
Bingo Size    Buy 10 get 14     $180.00

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Rubber Doggies is
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Grooming Hours:
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Mon - Fri 8:30 AM
Mon - Fri 1:00 PM
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Self-Service Hours:
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Mon - Sat 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

3929 Cibolo Valley Drive #240
Cibolo, TX 78108

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