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5 Tips For
Traveling With Your Dog

By Wayne Booth, Canine Behavior Specialists.
   Traveling with your dog can be a lot of fun. You can enjoy seeing new things and doing things together. Many dogs enjoy traveling. These days many hotels welcome dogs as guests. But if you are going to be traveling with your dog there are some things you can do to make your trip a success. Here are some tips:
   Make sure that your dog is up to date on his vaccinations before setting out on your trip. Some areas can require you to show proof of your dog's vaccinations if they ask so take your dog's rabies certificate as well as having him wear his tags. Rabies shots are required throughout the United States, so be sure that your dog is current on his rabies vaccination. Besides the requirement, you never know what diseases may be present in the areas where you will be traveling. It's best to have your dog protected in case you encounter something unhealthy for your dog.
   When you travel your dog should wear a good collar with identification tags. Even if your dog has a microchip, your dog should wear tags when he is on vacation. If your dog were to become lost (Heaven forbid!), and someone found him, it's possible that they would not know to check for a microchip. However, tags are always immediately recognizable. Tags should have your name and current address and phone numbers on them. You can also include your vet's phone number or another number where people will know how to contact you. Microchips are still good. Collars can come off or be removed. In that case, a shelter or vet scanning your dog can find the microchip and be able to contact you.
   When you travel with your dog take some water from home or buy bottled water on your trip. A dog's stomach can be easily upset when traveling. Drinking strange water on the trip can cause diarrhea or other stomach upsets. Taking your own water or buying bottled water can keep your dog feeling good and prevent you from having to do some clean up.
   Take your dog's food with him on the trip. Even if your dog eats a national brand of pet food there are variations in batches and lots. It's best to continue to feed your dog from the same bag or cans you bought at home to avoid stomach upset. If your dog eats a food that is hard to find then you can not count on finding it when you travel.
   . Crate your dog while he rides in the vehicle. Whether you have a car, van, truck or any other kind of vehicle, you should crate your dog when he's traveling with you. Allowing your dog to ride lose in the car is not very safe for him. Riding in a crate is the safest way for your dog to travel. A hard sided airline crate is usually the safest kind of crate for travel. If you are in an accident you dog will not go flying through the vehicle. If he is in the crate he will be as protected as possible. Do not choose a crate that is too large. If the crate is too big then your dog will be slung around in the crate if there is an impact. Instead, choose a crate that is big enough for your dog to stand and lie down. This will protect him in case of an accident. There are many other things to remember when you travel with your dog: remember to bring a can opener if you feed canned food. Remember to bring your dog's dinner dishes. Remember to bring paper towels for any clean up. Remember to bring your dog's bed if he has a favorite dog bed. The list is endless! It is like traveling with a baby.


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